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The Praying Mantis Kung Fu Academy is a martial arts school based in Sydney NSW Australia and offers classes in traditional Northern Praying Mantis, competition Wu Shu, Wu Dong Tai Chi, traditional Chinese weapons and advanced techniques such as Chin Na and Iron Palm.

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共和功夫学院原名为螳螂功夫学院,设在澳洲(开始于2000年)和新加坡。课程包括螳螂拳,武术比赛套路(如长拳),太极拳(千年密传道家太乙太极拳),中国传统兵器 及一些上乘功法如擒拿术,铁臂功 - 鸳鸯环, 吊筐术和铁沙掌等。功夫共和学院的弟子包括各界各国人士从4岁到70岁不等。


1928年,少林寺被毁,一个叫了空的和尚逃到山东省,加入当地的京剧团,教京剧团的演员少林功夫,祖师爷范树龙当时是京剧团的演员,酷爱中国功夫,勤奋好学,后来成为当地有名的功夫师父。祖师爷范树龙是师父Daniel Wang 的外公。

师父:Daniel Wang

师父 Daniel Wang,山东人。六岁起跟随外公学习少林拳和形意拳,后不断拜师学艺,跟多位民间武师学查拳,螳螂拳,太极拳,精通刀,枪,剑,棍,铁臂功鸳鸯环, 吊筐术,铁砂掌等多般武艺。又在军队精练擒拿与散打,多次赢得武术冠军及各种比武奖项。曾在军队当过侦察兵教练。2000年在澳大利亚悉尼创建螳螂功夫学院。王师父武功高强,德高望重,有丰富的传教经验,深受徒弟及武术爱好者敬佩和喜爱。王师父是道家太乙太极拳的传承人。

Wu Shu is a modern Chinese martial art based on traditional kung fu techniques

Dean Hammerton

Dean Hammerton has 12 years experience in martial arts. Prior to training in Kung fu Dean had trained in Taekwondo, Karate, Judo, and boxing. Dean has trained in Kung fu for 5 years and is versed in Praying mantis forms, weapons forms and free sparring. Dean has also completed a degree in Exercise Science and works as a personal trainer. This broad experience in different styles as well as a specialization in exercise allows Dean to teach Kung fu at a more profound level, explaining why and how techniques are executed.

Isha Sofyan

Isha has 12 years' Kungfu training experience starting at the age of 9, he has a great achievement in Praying Mantis, Wushu, Chin Na - self defense, Iron Palm, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong during his training under Shifu Wang. Isha has achieved his Black Belt.

Isha competes in NAS tournaments and holds State and National titles. Isha feels that the greatest achievement so far in his career is a third place in the World All Styles titles, Black Belt forms open division , as he was one of the youngest in that division. Isha currently helps with Kungfu training for both adults and children at Kungfu Republic Academy.

Wu Dong Tai Chi is one of the rare forms of 'soft' or 'internal' martial arts

Michael Fisher

My name is Michael Fisher, I have been training with Shufu Daniel Wang at the Praying Mantis Kung Fu Academy for 7 years. During my training here I have been trained in Praying Mantis, Wushu, Wu Dang Tai Chi, Chin Na and weapons forms. I have also competed in many tournaments and won a total of 13 first and second place trophies at state, national and international level. I have achieved my black belt and I am now helping out Shufu as an assistant instructor, teaching Wushu, Praying Mantis, weapons as well as some Muay Thai and Tae Kwon Do

I find the training very satisfying and enjoyable and hope to train here for many more years.

Advanced techniques include Chin Na and Iron Palm

Peter Tsingris

My name is Peter Tsingris, I have been training in martial arts from about 10 years of age.

I started training in Taikwondo, then hapkido until I was about 15 years of age. Then I started training Tai Boxing which I continued training under several instuctors. In about 1990 I met a Tai Boxer by the name of Sakad Petchindee. He was 11 years undefeated Tai Boxing champion in 4 different weight divisions, 15 years Bermese Boxing champion (virtually no rules fighting), world Kick Boxing champion, won and was at one stage of his career ranked no 2 in the world in boxing knocked out the world Karate champion in the 1st round, knocked out the world Taikwondo champion in the 1st round, with about 390 professional fights under his belt he is definitely pound for pound one of the greatest fighters that ever lived. After a few months of knowing him, Sakad asked me to be his manager which I accepted. Then I also managed sakads trainer Saksakon S sakshanalong a famous Tai Boxer and former world champion, and helped Alex Tui (world Kickboxing champion) and Sakads student in his career.During the time I was managing Sakad I trained and perfected my Tai Boxing skills under the instruction of Sakad and Saksakon. Also helped teach and started several Tai Boxing schools.

I was always interested in Kung Fu, especially the internal styles of Kung Fu, and one of my life ambitions was to find a genuine internal Kung Fu master to train with. After much research and searching I could not find anybody that I thought really understood and taught internal Kung Fu as a martial art which is what it was originally intended to be. One day I decided to have a look at a Tai Chi class taught by Master Wang. Upon entering the class Master Wang was more than happy to demonstrate some forms for me which could be performed slow or fast. I was very impressed with his amazing power and expertise. Then upon further investigation I realised that he also had a complete understanding of the martial aspect of the internal arts including Pa Kua and Hsing Yi. He was also a Master of Praying Mantis and Chin Na, in fact in all of my years of involvement in the martial arts I have never seen anybody in Australia that compares to Master Wang in the art of Kung Fu. So I started training in Tai Chi under Master Wang. Within a couple of months I felt 10 years younger, my energy levels, health and strength have consistently increased as I have trained in Master Wang's Tai Chi classes. I am now teaching Tai Chi, and Tai boxing at Master Wang's gym.

Praying Mantis Kung Fu Academy is a school of Chinese martial arts

Sarah Mawbey

My name is Sarah Mawbey. I am an actress and martial artist. Initially I came to be a student of the Praying Mantis Kung Fu Academy after a film role demanded I learn some basic fighting skills. The study and practice of Kung Fu instantly awoke a deep and powerful element of my spirit that I threw myself into training and have never looked back. . Currently I am developing and training for a lead role in a Kung Fu film which is in development. Training is rigorous, stringent and exhausting. It is also invigorating, empowering and some of the best fun I've ever had. Being a senior myself now I help teach beginners the basics of Praying Mantis, Wushu, Weapons and self-defence

The school has kung fu classes for children of all ages and abilities

Sam Jian

Sam Jian has been studying and practicing among different styles of Tai Chi Chuan such as Chen style Tai Chi Chuan and Yang style Tai Chi Chuan for more than ten years, he is a keen learner of Tai Chi Chuan. However the first meeting with Sifu Daniel wang totally changed his mind, Taoist Taiyi Tai Chi Chuan impressed him so much that he decided to follow Sifu Daniel Wang and learn Taoist Taiyi Tai Chi Chuan with all his heart. Sam Jian helps with Tai Chi Chuan training at Kung Fu Republic Academy.

Adults can learn a wide variety of Kung Fu techniques

Sam Mitchell

My name is Sam Mitchell, I have been training under Sifu Daniel Wang for over 6 years. During this time I have learnt not only Kung Fu but many lessons that help me throughout everyday life. To help me develop my understanding of the body I am also studying Sports and Exercise Science at University. I have competed in many tournaments at state and national level. I was 2nd place in the Australian titles in the NAS competition in 2005 and state champion in male advanced forms and sparring in 2007. I am now a black belt and I will be teaching students Praying Mantis, Wushu, Chin Na, Muay Thai, Weapons, Chi Gung and Sparring techniques.

Adults can learn a wide variety of Kung Fu techniques

Danilo Caruso

I am Danilo Caruso, I have been studying under Shifu Wang for over seven years, in which I learned not only the fighting aspect of Tang Lang Chuan, but also the deep philosophy and etiquette of Chinese Kung Fu and the wonderful culture that comes with it.

Even though I am far from being anywhere near as good as my teacher, I feel that the training I have done so far has given me a confidence and knowledge that I would have never dreamed of.

As a senior student I assist Shifu Wang in teaching sparring, Mantis Fist application techniques, Forms and Chin Na.

The Praying Mantis Kung Fu Academy is one of a small number of kung fu and wushu schools in Sydney NSW Australia. Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu (Tong Long quan or Tang Lang quan) is over 1000 years old. It's creator, Wang Lang, is documented in the archives of the Shaolin Temple as one of the great masters of the time. Wang Lang developed the style after training at the Shao Lin temple and being inspired by the praying mantis insect. Shifu Daniel Wang Yun Kuo teaches this traditional style of Chinese martial art in Leichhardt a suburb close to the Sydney CBD, NSW Australia. Within the praying mantis kung fu syle there are several variations. The variations taught by Shifu Wang are the Seven Stars and Plum Blossom styles. The Praying Mantis Kung Fu Academy teaches other styles of Chinese KungFu including Wu Shu (wushu is a style of competitive Kung Fu made famous by Jet Li), Chin Na and Wu Dong (also known as Wudan, Wu Tang or Wudang) Tai Chi (taiji, taiqi). Sifu Wang also teaches styles such as Xing Yi (Hsing I) and Ba Gua (Pa Kua). There are many styles of Kung Fu including Chow Ka (Jow Gar), Hung Gar, Chin Woo, Choy Lay Fut, Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) and many others. Kung Fu is very different from other martial arts known in the West such as Karate, Tae Kwon Do or Kickboxing. These are often referred to as "hard" styles as they use direct force to strike or block the opponent. Many Kung Fu styles combine hard techniques with "soft" moves. Soft techniques use the momentum and energy of the opponent against them. Kung Fu first gained exposure in Western culture from the 1970's TV Series "Kung Fu" starring David Carradine. More recently, Kung Fu has been gaining popularity in the West as it is exposed to "Wu Xia" kung fu culture from movies such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hero, Fearless and famous Kung Fu actors including Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Stephen Chow, Zhang ZiYi, Chow Yun Fat and Michelle Yeoh. Kung Fu has even influenced popular music for example, the Wu Tang Clan and Asian Kung Fu Generation. But the most famous of Kung Fu pop songs is "Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Douglas. Praying mantis kung fu is often mis spelled as preying mantis kung fu or playing mantis Kung fu