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Special Training Course NeW !!!

New Training course : Self Defense (Chin Na/Grappling)and Chinese Kickboxing on Saturday.

New Training Location : Baulkham Hills Community Centre, St David’s Church Hall, 51 Dalhousie St Haberfield, Marrickville Public School, Eastwood Public School

Class Schedule

Training Course schedule 2020

Training Fee

Training Fee 2020

Private Lessons

All private lessons are conducted by Master Wang. Private lessons give students the opportunity to fast track their kung fu training, and hone precise techniques. For the keen beginner or committed student, private lessons give you quality time with the master, private lessons also provide advanced training and special Kung Fu technique training.

Private training fee: Basic $150/hr

The training location can be at two locations: 1 Baulkham Hills, 2 the learner’s place based on mutual agreement.


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